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Opening of the 2022 Kitesurfing season’s

Addict Kitesurfing school is open for the 2022's season.

Like every year, March, marks the beginning of our season and our return to the mythical kitesurfing spot: Tarifa  After taking full advantage of these holidays to recharge our batteries, to have rest but also to prepare this new kitesurfing season, we are all very happy to be back at the office. Attention, not just any […]

How to succeed your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa

Blog Post, to get the successes keys of your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.

You have decided to register yourself for your first kitesurfing lessons or improve your skills!  You choose our kite school Addict kiteSchool Tarifa. It’s awesome !!! In order to transform your kitesurfing course into a real success, you will find in this blog post our advice and recommendations, which will allow you to reach your […]

Re-openning of our kite school “Addict kite school” Tarifa !

Good news!! Our kite school in Tarifa is now re-open after the pandemic of Covid-19.

Enfin la reprise des cours de kitesurf tant attendue. Before anything, we sincerely hope that you and your family are going well and have not been too much affected by the pandemic. With approximately 80% of Tarifa’s economy based on tourism, locals and entrepreneurs have been taking the coronavirus crisis very seriously. The objective was […]

Are you an independent kiteboarder? When can I consider myself independent in kitesurfing?

Become an independent kiteboarder, practice alone and stop taking kitesurfing lessons.

Consider yourself independent in kitesurfing? You have completed a kitesurfing course before, in Tarifa or somewhere else, but you still have some doubts about your exact level. In order to evaluate your level and your knowledge in kitesurfing, we offer you to complete this simple questionnaire, in order to know if you are ready to […]