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Everything you should know before to start learning kitesurfing !

Kitesurfing is a fairly recent sport (around 20 years), which has become more and more popular in the recent years, making it accessible to a larger public.

You might be part of the persons who really want to learn to kite, but still have some fears and haven’t did the first step, yet.

In this article, we have grouped some common questions that our students may ask themselves before booking a kitesurfing course with a kiteschool.

The strong points:

  • Do I have to be in great shape to start learning kitesurfing?
  • Is kitesurfing consider an “Extreme” sport ?
  • Is Kitesurfing dangerous ?
  • How much time do I need to learn it ?
  • Is there an aged limit to start kiteboarding ?
  • Is kite surfing an expensive sport ?

Do I have to be in great shape to start learning kitesurfing ?

You don’t have to be a top athlete, or practice sport 3 to 5 times a week to learn and start kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is certainly a sportactivity, because it involves all of the muscles in your body, but it is also a fun activity. It will allow you to have fun at every level, without necessarily having to look for results that are very hard to achieve.

Kite-surfing is a sport, which will give you a feeling of well-being, freedom and allow you to disconnect.

L'apprentissage du kitesurf est t-il dangereux ? Kitesurf sport extreme ?

Is kitesurfing consider an “Extreme” sport ?

A few years back, kitesurfing was still considered as a really extreme and very dangerous sport, reserved for thrill seekers, looking for adrenaline.

Those days are over!

It is true that you can always find “scary” kite videos on YouTube or some really extreme practice, but in a regular practice of the sport, it is not.

If we look at the definition of an extreme sport it is: a sport or activity, which can be practiced at sea, in the air or on land, which involves speed, height and commitment physical.
Kitesurf can be practiced on different elements such as on water (kitesurf), snow (snowkite) or on land (power-kiting).

However, if you have well learned the basics ( with an official kite school), that the notions of security have been transmitted, that you know how to analyze the conditions and that the discipline is well supervised, this sport will be accessible to everyone and will present very little danger.

Is Kitesurfing dangerous?

As mentioned before, learning and practicing kitesurfing is not dangerous, in a responsible practice.

Safety gear and systems are now designed and tested with international standards, to ensure the safety of the participants. In addition to that, teaching techniques have evolved and change allowing us to highlight and minimize the risks of sport.

However, it still unfortunately happens that we can deplore accidents (free participants), this is very often due to a lack of responsibility, beach not adapted, too extreme wind conditions and poor knowledge of the safety rules.

Apprentissage du kitesurf à Tarifa est elle une activité extrème.

How much time do I need to learn it ?

In general, it will take you between (3h to 4h per day) to learn the basics, which we find reasonable to learn a new sport.

If you compare the learning process of surfing and kitesurfing, it is true that you will normally succeed earlier to stand up and slide on your first waves in surfing, but before knowing how to really surf it will take much more time.

However in kiting, it will often take 2 or 3 days before you can start to slide on the board, but once your are up and going the progression is much faster ! Before to be able to ride alone you will have to dominate some parameters as analyze the wind (speed and direction), the spot,  but also some important learning steps (kite control, body draging …), which are necessary and essential steps.

These steps are far from being boring, on the contrary, many students are having a lot of fun  from the first days of kite lessons. In addition, the feeling of gradually mastering and understanding the movements of the kite is very gratifying.

Is there an aged limit to start kiteboarding ?

Our kite lessons in Tarifa and our teaching system are developed so that everyone can start kiting regardless of their age.

Personalized supervision during our kite courses as well as the use of recent equipment, will allow everyone to learn at their own pace.

Découvrez notre gamme de stages et cours de kitesurf pour les enfants à Tarifa.
Apprendre le kitesurf en Français, cours de kite surf pour les enfants.

At Addict kite school Tarifa, we had the chance to teach kitesurfing to children aged of 7 years old for the youngest (around 35-40kg) and up to 78 years for the oldest 🙂

So you see, there is no age to learn kiteboarding, so do not hesitate any longer !!!

Is kitesurfing an expensive sport ?

Venez apprendre et découvrir le kitesurf à Tarifa en Espagne.

Indeed, learning and getting yourself some equipment can be quite expensive, but we advise you to start step by step.

First, take lessons with an official kitesuring school to learn the basics. You will find on our website, different courses options, which will allow you to find the kitesurfing lessons, which will fit to your budget and your desires. In addition, we offer -10% discount on all your online bookings.

Then, if you are hooked by the sport (we have no doubts about it :-)) and you want to start buying yourself some gear, we advise you to consider buying second-hand equipment (no more than 3 years old) , rent equipment during your vacation or take advantage of our special prices on new equipment from the Eleveight kite brand.

Within our kite school in Tarifa, we offer a kite rental service and also offer insurance / supervision service, which will allow you to navigate safely, under the supervision of our instructors.

Hoping that all these arguments will have convinced you to finally come and learn kitesurfing in Tarifa with us and become an ADDICT kiteboarder !