Are you an independent kiteboarder? When can I consider myself independent in kitesurfing?

Become an independent kiteboarder, practice alone and stop taking kitesurfing lessons.

Consider yourself independent in kitesurfing?

You have completed a kitesurfing course before, in Tarifa or somewhere else, but you still have some doubts about your exact level.

In order to evaluate your level and your knowledge in kitesurfing, we offer you to complete this simple questionnaire, in order to know if you are ready to practice alone or if you still need one or more additional kitesurfing lessons.

Self evaluation questionnaire :

We hope that this questionnaire have helped you to evaluate yourself.

If you need additional kitesurfing lessons, you will find on our websitesite some special offer for advanced and refresh kitesurfing courses, allowing you to start from your current level and continue to progress with our instructors by your side.

Also, do not hesitate to watch the youtube tutorials from our partner “One Launch Kiteboarding”, which will allow you to refresh and enrich your knowledge.

For the more advance ones, we remind you that it is always better to not go out kitesurfing alone, it is better to be accompanied by another rider or simply an assistant.

In addition, it will be very important to respect local rules, your environment, the rules of priority between participants and not overestimate your level.