You already have done some kitesurfing lessons but you still need a teacher by your side ?

This page is dedicated to everybody who have a past kitesurfing experience and who would like to finish a course started before (with us or an other kite school) or just to improve their technics and refresh their knowledge !

We have separated in one side, students who did not finish a complete kitesurfing course or didn’t practice for a while (=> “Intermediate /  Refresher” ) and on the other side, riders who would like to reach new level and learn new things (=> “Advance course”).

Ours intermediate, refresher and advance kitesurfing lessons In Tarifa !

You will not start again from scratch!

We give you the opportunity to start again your training, from where you have stop on your last kitesurfing lesson (realized with us or any other kitesurfing school), without starting all again from 0!

In order to evaluate your kitesurfing level (according to our criteria) and visualize the last steps of your learning process, we invite you to have a look at our graphic, before to choose one of our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.

Our progression and level graphic :

Graphic showing the progression of a beginner learning kitesurfing in Tarifa with Addict kite school.

With our Intermediate and Refresher kitesurfing lesson, we give you the chance to:

  • Experience the spot of Tarifa, beaches, winds, authorized areas
  • Start again from where you stopped on your previous kitesurfing classes
  • Get your confidence back with an instructor by your side
  • Refresh the safety and priority rules
  • Correct you mistakes (Body position, kite position …)
  • Learn and improve up wind, turns, jumps …

We always advice our students looking for a fast and efficient learning process, to choose either private or semi private lessons, in order to enjoy your time at the maximum and to not have to wait on the rest of a group, which could slow you down.

* During our Semi private and Private kitesurfing lessons, the instructor will install on your helmet with a walkie talkie system, allowing you to receive his tips while practicing in the water.

The 4 important points, to choose the right kitesurfing lessons:

  • Evaluate your level and the learning stage where you are
  • Choose if you want to share a kite or not?
  • How many days and hours would you like to do?
  • Choose the kite-surfing lessons which will fit your budget
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Advance kitesurfing lessons

Thanks to our experience, we know that this advanced course will perfectly fit 2 kind of students :

– In one hand, people who have not practiced for a long time due to lack of time or gear and now need to get their confidence back.

– And in the other hand, people who have been practicing kitesurfing for a few years and who have now the feeling to be stock at the same level and are afraid to try new tricks alone.

With our advance kitesurfing lessons, we give you the chance to:

  • Discover and get use to the spot of Tarifa, beaches, winds, authorized area.
  • Get your confidence back with an instrcutor by your side
  • Refresh the safety and priority rules
  • Correct your mistakes (body position, kite position…)
  • Improve your tecniques: up wind, transition, jump..
  • Learn new disciplines as surfboard, strapless, hydrofoil)

In only 2 hours of lessons improve your technique

Enjoy our summer acivity in Tarifa, kitesurfing lessons for intermediate level.learn how to ride, go upwind, turn in kitesurfing. Improve your kite level with our advance kite course in Tarifa.

You still have trouble identifying your kitesurfing level?

Identify your level with our self-evaluation questionnaire! It will allow you to evaluate yourself and realize if you need an additional refresher kitesurfing course or if you are ready to continue on your own by renting our kite gear or practicing by your own.

Kite lessons and rental of hydrofoil in Tarifa

Visit us to discover and get started with the hydrofoil kite, in Tarifa!
Kitesurfing is one of the sports that has experienced the biggest growth in popularity and innovation in the past 20 years.
The latest trend? hydrofoil!
The foil has become the new weapon for the light wind, but not only. Often compared as a flying carpet, the hydrofoil offers a whole new ride and has nothing to do with what you may have tried before.

Learn how to do kite foil with our kitesurfing lessons of hydrofoil in Tarifa.
The zeeko kite foils are great to learn and practice foiling in Tarifa.

Before to start learning how to do some foiling, it´s necessary and advisable to have :

  • A good kite control (in every wind conditions)
  • An overall good level with a twintip (up-wind, turns, jumps …)
  • Control and be confident with the re-launch of your kite in light wind conditions
  • An expérience with a directional board (is a plus).

Addict kite school Tarifa, commitments !

When Addict kite school decides to offer you foil lessons, nothing is left to chance.
It has been over 2 year since Romain (owner of the school), start is training on the hydrofoil.
His idea, being able to dominate the foil at the perfection, in all wind and waves conditions !

Why ?

To help you to discover this discipline in the best way and be knowledgeable enough to answer all your possible questions.

Kite foil lessons in Tarifa.

One of the questions that comes up very often is, “When should I start the foil?”. 

There is no particular time to start learning to foil. If you have been practicing kitesurfing for several years, and you are looking for new sensations, hydrofoil will be the logical next step in your kitesurfing life.

What you will learn during our hydrofoil kite lessons in Tarifa :

  • Set up and maintenance of the hydrofoil
  • Position and placement of the feet
  • Handle, transport and enter the water with the foil
  • First attempt to ride with the hydrofoil (Assistance and advice from the instructor via walkie talkie placed on your helmet)
  • Demonstration and follow from the instructor in the water with another kite and foil.

Our price liste and special offers !  

260 €
4 hours of lessons, spread over 2 days
2 hours of lessons refunded, if you purchase an hydrofoil from our partners Zeeko or Eleveight kites.
Hydrofoil discovery and first contact with the discipline
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Hydrofoil rental
20 €/h
Hydrofoil rental (board and foil)
Kite foil experience required
Preferential rates on the purchase of our partners equipment
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If you are planning to buy your first hydrofoil, please have a look at all the new products from our partners “Eleveight kites” and “Zeeko kites”. Leaders and innovators in the practice of this discipline.

Eleveight products Zeeko products

Why should you learn with us ?