You are planning to travel without your kite gear and rent some in Tarifa ?

No problem, we have the solution that suits you!

It can be quite complicated to travel with your equipment and airlines often charge high fees for it. If you are afraid of not having the right size of kite for Tarifa and you would like to test the latest generation gear, so just choose one of our kite rental packages in Tarifa.

Visit us this summer and learn kiteboarding in the famous Tarifa spot with international kite instructors.

During our kitesurfing rental in Tarifa :

The tenant is the only person responsible in case of loss, damaged of equipment and the safety of other participants.

The equipment will be choose and given to you at the start of the session, by one of our monitors, depending on the current wind. You will be able to change the size of the kite and board (as many time as wanted), if the wind increase or decrease. Size of kites available from 4m to 14M, boards available from 130cm to 150cm, surboards and hydrofoils also available.

Rescue boat safety and assistance !

In Tarifa, the wind frequently blows from a side off-shore direction (Levante wind), offering a fairly flat spot and strong wind.

The city of Tarifa has organized a boat rescue service. 4 powerboats are present every day of Levante, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., in the kite school area (Los Lances Beach), allowing you to practice and enjoy in complete safety.

This service is provided by a private company, external to the kitesurf schools of Tarifa!

How does it works ?

Rescue boat service during your full kitesurfing rental in Tarifa.

Once in Tarifa, you will be able to buy from us a ticket allowing you to have a fix number of rescues, valid for the entire duration of your holidays in tarifa:

  • 1 rescue = 25€
  • 2 rescues = 35€
  • 5 rescues = 45€

In case of emergency, one of the boat will assist you and bring you back to the shore if necessary, with no additional cost.

It is of course allowed to kite at this spot without purchasing a rescue ticket, but the rescue boat company will charge you up to 150 €, if they need to assist you.

Supervision and kite insurance

As mention before, the tenant of the kite gear is the only responsible during the rental. Nevertheless, we will offer you the option, to add for 15€ more per day our supervision service.

One of our kite inscrutor will keep a close eye on you, help you with launching / landing and give you some advice if needed.

You will also benefit of the school insurance.

If you are not sure, to have the level to practice alone and to be able to rent our kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa, we invite you to have a look at our page Intermediate and advance kite lessons.

Advance courses

Kite rental for our students

Now you can hire our kite gear and continue your training in autonomy.

At the end of your training (minimum of 4 days kite course), if you feel confident enough and ready to kite alone, we are offering you the option to hire our Eleveight kites equipment, to keep on practising.

Our kite rental package, for past students (having completed a course with us) will depend on the approval of your instructor. During the kite rental, you will be responsible for the equipment in case of losse, broke or damage.

Rent or hire our full kiteboarding gear in Tarifa.
1 day

3 Hours
75€ With supervision

Full day
95€ With supervision

2 Days

3 Hours
150€ With supervision

Full day
190€ With supervision

3 Days

3 Hours
225€ With supervision

Full day
285€ With supervision

Our kite rental in Tarifa is only available to people with a high level of kitesurfing (being able to set up the equipment safely, being able to go upwind, being able to recover their kite board in every conditions).

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