Wellness package : kitesurfing lessons + massage and/or Yoga sessions

Learning how to kite and doing sport is great, but you’re still on vacation. For each sportsman his relaxation, take care of your body and your mind.

Relax with a massage after your kite lessons. Take advantage of our wellness pack in Tarifa.

Massage sessions

Léonie (partner of one of our kite instructors) is there to take care of you, she will make you recover after your kitesurfing lessons.

Well-being therapist for more than 5 years, Léonie is specialized in sports massages and relaxing recovery. Working 6 months of the year in a ski resort and 6 months on kite destinations. she will allow you, to access deep relaxation and improve your physical and mental state before or after your kite lessons in Tarifa.

Our special offer : The kite course of your choice + 2 massage sessions

For only 70€ more !

This offer is available with all our kitesurfing courses (Group, Semi private, Private), all durations and all our accommodations offers. You will only need to count 80 € more to benefit from these 2 massage sessions (one hour each session).

Price of massage sessions without our wellness offer: 40€ / session (1 hour).

The massage sessions will be realized in the location of your choice (one of our accommodations), your hotel (subject to the hotel approval), or directly at the location of Léonie.


Yoga classes

In addition to your massage sessions, you will be able to sign up for Yoga classes.

Yoga is a great way to prepare and stretch your body before or after your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa. Alizée, yoga teacher will be welcoming you in a beautiful and calm garden of Tarifa, for 2 lessons (1 hour per session). The sessions are suitable for all levels.

Combine your Yoga sessions in addition to your kite lessons for only : 25€ for 2 sessions.

Contact us for more information or find these wellness options in our Pre-booking form.

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