Covid related informations

Those informations are only provided for informational purposes and they are regularly updated by us.

These informations are extracted from various European embassies websites. *

Post updated on Friday 25/03/2022

Is it possible to travel to Spain and Tarifa ?

Borders are currently open and travelers from Switzerland, Germany … are allowed. You will therefore be able to visit us and learn kitesurfing with us.

What you need to know before traveling: “Any traveler arriving in Spain by plane must complete a personal Health Control Form (FCS). Once this form has been completed and signed, the traveler receives a QR code associated with his trip that he must keep on his cell phone or print in order to pass the airport health control. ” “A PCR test carried out less than 48 hours before arrival and the result of which must be negative, is required when entering Spanish territory by air (airports) or sea (ports) only. Children under six years of age and travelers in transit are not affected by this measure.

It applies to travelers, regardless of their nationality and the reason for entering Spain. The document presenting the results of the PCR test must be written in Spanish, French, German or English.

! No Covid test will be required if you have completed your vaccination program !

No quarantine on entry to Spain is in effect.

In most of the EU countries no quarantine is currently mandatory upon your return from Spain.

What is the current Covid situation in Tarifa? What can be done or not?

Firstly, we would like to confirm that life in Tarifa is following its course and that our kite school is already open from March 1, 2022 (so you can already pre-book your lessons). Life in Tarifa remains pleasant despite the restrictions and our kite course activity is not subject to any restrictions, so you will be able to fully enjoy the activity.

Restaurants, shops and cafeterias are open.

As the basic rules are essentially the same as for the rest of Europe, Spain is subject to:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for anyone over 6 years old, in public transport, as well as in public spaces or places open to the public, including hotels, shops.
  • Respect of barrier gestures.
What is the cancellation policy for our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa?

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, we have always been very flexible and understanding, regarding your reservations and possible cancellations.

We will keep this same line for the entire 2021 season.

While doing a booking by phone or email, we will only ask you to pay a deposit of 25€ per person, in order to complete and finalize your reservation and guarantee your spot. The rest of the payment for your kitesurfing course will have to be done once on location, so you will only have 25 € reservation fees upstream of your holidays.

If unfortunately your kiteboarding holidays as be canceled because of : flight cancellation, Covid cases, Covid contact cases or other causes directly related to the news, your deposit will be either completly refunded or kept in the perspective of a future stay.

Q & A and general questions

Do I have to bring something special for the kite lesson in Tarifa?

To enjoy your kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa at the maximum, we recommend you to come with:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Bottle of water and snack
  • Relax clothes, swim wear.
Do I have to bring equipment ?

During your kitesurfing lesson, all the kite gear (wetsuit, life jacket, kite, board…) is inclued. However, if you have already your own kitesurfing gear, you are welcome to bring it down for the lessons, like that you will learn how to use it.

I have already done some kite lessons before but it's the first time for my friend. Which kite course will be appropriate ?

If 2 persons or more are interested to do a kiteboarding lessons in Tarifa, we recommend you to contact us before to book a lesson. Together we will find the appropriate course.
Contact : or 0034 691 288 784

At what age can children start to learn kitesurfing?

Regarding children most of the time it’s not a question of age but more about weight, ability to swim and confidence in the water. From 35/40 kilos, they will be able to start with a regular kite course.
For the youngest a kite discovery on the beach will be possible.

Does any special physical conditions are necessary to practice the kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is not a sport where you will need to be really fit. You just need to know how to swim and feel confortable in the water.

It’s a complete sport where you will work all your body.

How many students are we per kite course?

We do offer different options of kitesurfing courses in Tarifa, going from 1 to 4 students. Here is a reminder of our kitesurfing courses :

  • Private kitesurfing lessons : 1 student / 1 kite
  • Semi-private Kitesurfing lessons : 1 to 2 students / 1 kite per person
  • Group course : 1 to 4 students / 1 kite for 2.
Where can I stay during my kitesurfing holidays in Tarifa?

You will find on our website a wide selection of offers and accommodations, with exclusive offers at the best rates!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

How do I book my kite lessons?

After receiving your Pre-booking form (kite lessons, date, duration), Marine booking manager of the school, will get back to you by email, to make sure all the information are correct and confirm our availability. From there, we will ask you to achieve a deposit of 25€/pers in order complete and finalize your booking.

This deposit can be pay with a credit card or PayPal account and will be deduce of the total price of your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.

How do I book my kitesurfong holidays in Tarifa?

After receiving your Pre-booking form (kite lessons, date, duration) and your accommodation (check-in and check-out), Marine booking manager of the school, will come back to you by email, to make sure all the information are correct and confirm our availability. From there, we will ask you to achieve a deposit of 25€/pers (for the kite lessons) and 50€ (for the accommodation) in order complete and finalize your booking.

This deposit can be pay with a credit card or PayPal account and will be deduce of the total price of your kitesurfing holidays in Tarifa.

Wht'a happens if I have to cancel my kitesurfing holidays/ kite lessons?

If unfortunately, you have an unexpected event and you are forced to cancel your holidays, the deposit will be refunded if you inform us at least 1 month in advance. Otherwise, you will only loose the 25€ deposit or we will give you the option to keep it (duration of 1 year) and enjoy your kitesurfing activy later during the year.

How should I pay my kitesurfing holidays/kite lessons?

Once on location, it will be possible to complete the rest of the payement in cash or credit card. The full amount can be pay on the first day or day by day.

However, for all our accommodations, the payement will have to be done in cash at the check-in, by the person in charge.

How do you organize the kite lessons, meeting time, meeting point ... ?

Kitesurfing is a sport where we fully depend on weather conditions, we will always wait the day before your kite lesson, to inform you regarding the time of your lesson, for the next day.

The day before your class, Marine will inform you by email or whats’app between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (time of the last wind forecast), of the time and meeting point for the next day.

Depending of the wind direction and conditions, the kite lessons, can start on the morning (around 10h30-11h) or later on the afternoon.

The kite school area, beach of Los lances (north part) is located around 4-5 km from Tarifa.


Addict kite school will not be held responsible for not updated information, special country regulations or new regulations. We invite you to conduct your own research and inform yourself before traveling.