Quarantine period for, Addict Kite School Tarifa !

Kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa, temporarily suspended.

On March 1, like every year, we re-opened our kitesurfing school after our few months of winter holidays. The start of the season was looking very good, the students, the wind and the conditions were there.

However, we were far from guessing what would happen only 15 days later …

The bad news !!!

Following the health alert, announced by the Spanish government due to the COVID-19 virus, we were forced to temporarily close our kitesurfing school in Tarifa. All activities related to tourism have been suspended and prohibited.

All the access to the beaches of Tarifa have also been closed. Therefore preventing us from going to practice kitesurfing for fun, but also all outdoor activities.

Single watchword : “Stay at Home”.

This announcement felt like a hard blow, for our team of instructors as well as for our kitesurfing school, but the desire to finish quickly with the coronavirus (COVID-19) took over.

Unable to welcome our students and students to travel to Tarifa, we start receiving many cancelations …

Facing the crisis, we had to react quickly and we decided to be as flexible as possible. We give the opportunity and offer to all our students who have made a reservation for kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa, for the months of March and April, a full refund of their deposit or the possibility to move their kite holidays later during the 2020 season.

We will take the necessary steps and proceed in the same way, if the quarantine is extended to the month of May, but we remain positive and hopeful for the moment. Try to do the same 🙂

However, we do not see this period of confinement as vacation and we continue to work every day, in order to be well prepared for this after crisis.

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In this hard times, our target remain the same, help you to get your mind out of this coronavirus epidemic, inspire you to travel and especially to come and learn kitesurfing in Tarifa with us, in the coming months.

We hope to see you soon !