Even in Tarifa, it can happen to have some no wind days …

Kitesurfing, is a sport depending at 100% of the weather conditions. Unfortunately, it can happen to have days with too much or not enought wind, luckly for us, there are not many days like that in Tarifa. We are all the time depending and checking the last weather forecast (internet page : Windguru), in order to offer you the best service and make sure we teach you at the best moment of the day.

We will be ready if needed, to change the time of your kite lesson, change location or postponed the day.

What happens if there is unfortunately no wind, one day !

What to do in Tarifa on windless days!

Outdoors activities

Tarifa is known for kitesurfing but not only. It is also a paradise for outdoor sports, so take advantage of this windless day to practice or learn: Climbing, mountain biking, walking, diving, whale watching, paddle surfing, surfing.


Take advantage of this day to discover and get charmed by the old town of Tarifa with its small streets, restaurants and bars! Don’t forget neither to get some time for yourself and enjoy our “Well-being” options.
Or just relax at the beautiful and sandy beaches of Tarifa!


There are many places to discover all around Tarifa, as the white villages of Andalusia, Gibraltar, sandy beaches (Punta Paloma, Bolonia…) You will also be able to organize a day trip to Morocco (Tangier) and discover Moroccan culture (only 35 minutes Ferry).

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