Useful informations to know before your kitesurfing trip to Tarifa !

After receiving the confirmation mail from Marine regarding the good reception of your deposit, your reservation is now complete and you will have nothing more to do before your departure, just patiently wait for your kite holiday.

In order to simplify the organisation of your trip to Tarifa, we have gathered and detailes some of your most frequently asked questions:

One of the closest airport to Tarifa is the one of Sevilla or Malaga.

  Which are the closest airports from Tarifa?

Tarifa, doesn’t have an aiport, the nearest airports are (distance in Km) :

  • Gibraltar (45km) : flights mainly from England
  • Jerez (112km) : flights mainly from Switzerland and Germany
  • Málaga (152km) : regular flights from most of the big Europeans cities
  • Sevilla (208km) : regular flights from the most of the big Europeans cities

The airlines that offer and serve those airports are Ryanair and Easy Jet

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How to reach Tarifa from the airports ?

There are 3 differents ways to get to Tarifa from those aiports: Car rental, buses or Carpool (BlaBlacar..).

The kite school does not offer shuttles services from the airports.

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The beach where the lessons are given is 3 km from the city center.

Companies like Goldcar, Firefly and Record Go have normally the best offers and rates.

Count between 5€ and 15€/day

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From Málaga airport, there is no direct route to Tarifa. You will have to go first to Algeciras (the biggest city near Tarifa), which take about 2 hours to get there and then take another bus from the same bus station (about one every 30 min) To Tarifa (30 min ride).                                The total cost is around 20€.

From Sevilla (central station), there iare some direct bus to Tarifa.       The total cost is around 20€.

Organization of the kite lessons

Kitesurfing being a sport where we fully depend on the weather and conditions, we will always wait the day before your kite lesson, to inform you regarding the time for the next day.

The day before your kiteboarding class, Marine will inform you by email or What’s app between 7pm and 9pm (time of the last wind forecast), of the time and meeting point for the next day.

Please, do not rely too much on the wind forecast, which you can find on internet. Tarifa is a spot that you need to know a little bit to be able to interpret the forecasts (thermics, tide, directions…).

Enjoy a great moment during your kiteboarding courses in Tarifa.
What to wear during your kitesurfing lessons In Tarifa, we answer all your questions.

Which outfit should you wear for your kitesurfing lessons ?

Depending on the period, you will need to wear a comfortable and pleasent outfit to spend time at the beach (shorts, swimwear, jogging pants…). From the second day. a wetsuit will be provided to you (if you have your own, don’t hesitae to take it with uou).

Also make sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towel, bottle of water and maybe a snack to refuel your batteries !

What does the kite course include ?

During our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa, all the material necessary will be provided (with no extra cost):

  • Wetsuit, harness, life jacket, helmet, kites, boards…
    If you have some pieces of your own equipment, you will of course be able to use it.
  • During the lessons, you will benefit of a civil liability insurance as well as an accident insurance.
  • If the wind blows Levante (side Off shore), you will have the assistance of a rescue boat, present on the spot all day long (no additional cost during the lessons).
  • Pictures will be taken during your lessons and will be sent to you (free of charge) at the end of your stay.
  • Transport from our meeting point (located in the main street of Tarifa) to the kite spot can be organised.