Learn a bit about the winds that makes Tarifa so famous.

In Tarifa, the wind is blowing more than 300 days per year, making it one the most famous place of Europe, for kitesurfing holidays.

The Poniente is the most frequent wind in Tarifa, especially during the summer time. When the temperatures are high, the Poniente is picking up as a sea breeze coming from the South-West (direction: sea to land).We consider the Poniente as a thermal wind, rising up around 1pm and dropping at the sunset.

  • Average wind speed : Between 12 and 18 knots (1 knot = 1.85 km)
  • Kite size normally used : We are using kite between 14 and 9 Meters
  • Positives points : Good conditions to learn and practice kite surfing, constant wind, small waves on the shore.

Don’t stress! With Poniente you will always get back to the shore.

The Levante is a wind coming from the Mediterranean sea and taking his strengh on the strait of Gibraltar. We call this Venturi’s effect (tighter it is, stronger the wind will be). This wind is coming from North-East (direction land to sea) and can get really strong. When the levante wind start blowing it normaly stayed for few days.

  • Average wind speed : Between 20 and 60 knots (1 knot = 1.85 km)
  • Kite size normaly used : We are using kite between 9 and 5 Meters
  • Positives points : Good conditions to learn and practice, flat water perfect for the first meters on the board, strong wind during the day.

Don’t stress! With Levante there will be always be a Rescue boat.

Tarifa beaches

Los Lances beach

Is the largest beach of Tarifa, its about 7 km long and its part of the National Parc of the strait of Gibraltar, wich makes it a protected area. You can find some beach bars, campings, hotels and especially… kites. Approximately 3 km away from town you will find the allowed kite area to practice kitesurfing in summer time.

Valdevaqueros beach

Located 8 km from Tarifa, is without doubt the most popular beach for kitesurfing activies in Tarifa. There is something for everyone, beach bars, kitesurfs, windsurf, paddlesurf, beach volley… You will discover also the Punta Paloma sand dune, wich will give you a stunning view of Tarifa and the Moroccan coast.

Balneario kite spot

Just opposite to the Mediterranean side and being located at the very far end of Europe, Balneario spot is the place to be if you want to jump high.

Reserved to very high experience riders.