Travel to Tarifa with our pictures !

Los Lances beach Tarifa, kitesurfing paradise.

Through our selection of photos, travel and discover the landscapes of Tarifa!

The current context is not the most pleasant, with all these new heavier restrictions.  Every day, many of you feel and tell us (more than ever) a desire to escape, to travel, to discover and a need to feel the wind (especially kiteboarders :-))

With this article, but also on our social media (where we invite you to subscribe, if you have not already done so :-)) to allow you to escape for an instant this situation and also to give you the envy to come or come back to Tarifa, to learn kitesurfing with us.

Tarifa paradis du kitesurf, pour les amoureux du vent et des sports nautiques.

In Tarifa, we are quite lucky! Since few weeks, life came back to the “normal”: the bars, terraces, restaurants are open all day until 10:30 pm.

In the evening, a curfew also applies from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Unfortunately, this one will force you to cut your long spanish evening short, but it will allow you an optimum rest before yournext kitesurfing lesson.

The practice of kitesurfing as well as our kite courses are not subject to any restrictions.

Now, we let you discover our selection of our photos, taken with our drone during kitesurfing lessons.

Eleveight Kite boarding
Vue du detroit de Gibraltar, qui sépare le Maroc et l'Europe avec Tarifa.
Photo de drone de Tarifa et de la plage de Los Lances, paradis du kitesurf.
Stages et cours de kitesurf débutants en français à Tarifa.
Cours de kitesurf à Tarifa en français niveau intermédiaire. Praatique du Body drag
Tarifa vue du ciel.
Cours et stage de kitesurf niveau perfectionnement.

Every day, we also try to capture the best moments of our kite courses! We want to give  them to our students a good souvenir of their kitesurfing lessons but  we want to share them with you on social media!

 We hope you will like them and thtat they will give you the envy  to come and learn kitesurfing or simply come and discover Tarifa.